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Combining the best from large organizations and entrepreneurship is the best way to accelerate impact and change. Aimforthemoon enables organizations to create, build and scale new and innovative business models. We deliver results while building the entrepreneur's mindset, skills and structures.

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Launch your own corporate-startups complementary to your existing business to ignite entrepreneurship.

Innovation labs
and accelerators

Find and manage a portfolio of courageous innovations and corporate-startups that fill your growth and impact funnel within or outside your organization.

Key innovation principles.

Essential for our success.

We launch multiple corporate-startups every year and know the do's and don'ts in making it work.

the right focus to get started

A clear scope and moonshot to build a scalable, impactful business with access to corporate assets & knowledge to start things that scale

the right people for the job

Dedicated corporate-startup teams matched on skills, personality, experience and motivation with multilevel commitment & involvement

the right things at the right time

A proven, structured approach for extreme customer focus and data-driven learning loops with recurring support on everything needed from coaching to collaboration to strategic alignment

Context: startup speed and corporate scale

A safe environment where teams experiment, fail, learn & flourish and access to a large community of specialists for peer-support, learnings, and knowledge



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