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Case Study: Miele Laundry Club

Case Study: Miele Laundry Club

In collaboration with Miele Nederland, Aimforthemoon has created the new corporate-startup Miele Laundry club: a laundry delivery service. At this moment the laundry service is available in Amsterdam. If successful,  the new service will be expanded to other locations as well.


‘’We want to make doing the laundry as easy as possible for our customers. With this, we are responding to the trend of convenient home delivery services. We want to offer solutions that fit the needs of our customers.’’ – Stefan Verhoeven, Managing Director Miele Nederland.


After a successfull pilot, the service is now being rolled out in Amsterdam. ‘’During the pilot, it turned out that customers mainly want to outsource the ironing of their clothes. The laundry service is used often for shirts and fine pieces of clothing, but also after holidays, for winter sports clothing’’ – Jos Werner, Entrepreneur and manager of Miele Laundry Club

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Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economic Affairs


20 February 2019