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Solving problems with new problems is not good enough. We co-create new realities and courageous strategies to do everything it takes to get there.

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Moonshots are shared dreams that are inspirational, credible and imaginative. Moonshot thinking stimulates creativity, makes problem-solving easier and unites diversity. We empower organizations with workshops, tools and processes to create moonshots.

Perfect World

Companies need new realities for real impact. We provide the tools, processes and people to break through the glass ceiling of dilemmas and find unique perspectives that give new space and direction on all levels.


Perfect World Principle

A strategy design process developed by Giantleapers.com based on the books ‘Perfect World Principle’ (2011) and ‘From big ideas to giant leaps’ (2019). A proven process that helps you to solve problems in innovative ways to start building your business and impact based on the new realities that you want to create.

1. Stop defining your reality as a list of 'problems to solve'.

Find the dilemmas and limiting beliefs that shape the glass ceilings that keep you in place.

Dilemma agenda.

2. Stop brainstorming towards known and limited answers.

Start breaking through to truly new perspectives and realities.

Breakthrough sessions

3. Stop changing one thing.

Implement a multiplex of changes to ignite impact.

Manifest, creating principle and strategic agenda


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