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Innovation requires execution. And doing is challenging. We are entrepreneurs who get things done.

We turn ideas into new businesses with dedicated startup teams.

We build teams and offer them a context to experiment and learn fast from customers to realise quick business results.
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1. We build a dedicated startup team of entrepreneurs and innovators

We build teams of entrepreneurs and innovators of your organisation. Entrepreneurs with at least 5-10 years experience in building businesses. Intrapreneurs with direct access to the assets of a corporate.

2. The team runs outside the corporate context to execute at high speed.

We separate innovation activities from the core business. Rules, policies and bureaucracy hinder innovation. Within our culture we stimulate creativity and we celebrate failures and execute fast.

3. We don’t talk. We get things done.

We are not consultants. We are entrepreneurs. We create, build and validate at a fast pace.

4. We turn opportunities into products and businesses your customers will love.

Based on 150+ previous partnerships we have developed a proven approach to launch a business within 10 months. Our moonshot gives direction, but we start with customer-problems and experiment to come up with solutions.

Our services.

We get business results. Even within one day. Start small with the power of entrepreneurs and scale fast through the power of corporates.


Learn from entrepreneurs to get things done

Design Sprint


From idea to validated prototype in just one week


X Months

Realise a growing business with paying customers

Startup Studio


Build a portfolio of new businesses with your own studio

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We’ve worked with 150+ corporates.

Industry leaders we have helped to scale up innovation:

Happay; #innovation with a focus on making the Netherlands debt-free! #purpose-driven innovation

The concept of Aimforthemoon and the quality of people are really strong.

It was surprisingly valuable to see how fast we could process our knowledge and creativity towards a viable product.

Together with Aimforthemoon, KAS BANK is proud to be working towards success by focussing on innovation in the KAS Lab! PROUD!

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