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How can we radically transform Wolters Kluwers' core business model by creating something new and making use of new technologies?
With Walter we help lawyers be ready for the future through an AI tool that empowers their work.
How can we accelerate the transition to a smart, electrified and a sustainable society?
With EV-Ready we create new business models for electric mobility
How can we be ready for the future with an ending resource product by boosting innovation through the use of digital transformation opportunities?
With Log & Solve we accelerate sustainable agriculture with digital sensor data and in-depth knowledge to create a full service platform for the 21st century grower.
How can we launch a proven, international and scalable concept in The Netherlands aiming to build the supermarket of the future?
By developing and launching Vkusvill in the Netherlands we make sustainable grocery shopping possible and accessible for everyone by working with local partners.
How can we deliver entrepreneurship and innovation to the clients of the entrepreneurial development bank?
Developing meaning for the entrepreneurial development bank by bringing real entrepreneurship, our proven innovation program and startup execution to its clients.
How can Miele launch a circular business model to service new generations?
With Miele Laundry Club we have developed a radical new service model that picks up and delivers cleaned and ironed laundry.
How can Pon use the combined force of their automotive and power business to make driving an electric car without any compromises?
We have created a business that removes the biggest frustrations of fleet managers so they are more flexible and have less costs when adding electric cars to their fleet.
How can we grow towards a more inclusive society and increase language proficiency in the Netherlands through human centric design?
Together with the Hema Foundation and Reframing Studio we organise a yearly accelerator program for (young) designers, entrepreneurs and changemakers to tackle a large social problem.
How can we enable UWV SMZ to become future proof by becoming more innovative and entrepreneurial?
In a close collaboration we have developed an autonomous functioning innovation lab that enables the organisation to develop and implement new innovations faster and more efficiently.
How can MN Services, a large pension provider in The Netherlands, work for and with customers to find and implement new innovations?
In 2018 we have launched Mlab, an innovation lab in The Hague where a portfolio of innovations is developed and managed with the goal to grow their business, reduce costs and improve the sector as an ecosystem initiator.
How can we boost innovation and grow with our business into new markets
In a long-term partnership with Independer we have launched multiple new businesses including their Energy comparison platform and an online Pension advisor. This also has boosted an entrepreneurial culture and mindset within the organisation.
How can we develop a sustainable initiative that empowers Dutch scaleup founders to grow their business?
In a multi-stakeholder partnership we collaboratively launched nlgroeit.nl from scratch, which is an ecosystem for Dutch scale-ups, mentors, service partners and investors to connect and help each other scale.
How to get from an art institution with a business club of sponsors to a community focused startup club?
Collaboratively we organised Moonshot Stories, an event with 200 artists, entrepreneurs & innovators as a kickstart to connect with a new target group.
How can we develop and grow an innovative and sustainable hospitality business that connects generations?
Mooie Boules started as a joke within the Aimforthemoon community to connect friends around pétanque, food and drinks. Today it’s an award winning and fast growing business with locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and Eindhoven. Aimforthemoon is co-founder and scaling partner.


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