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About us.

We believe the greatest challenges can be solved through moonshots. We build and support teams to get things done

We empower corporates to innovate through entrepreneurship.

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We believe the greatest challenges can be solved through moonshots.

Moonshots help us to unite the people, technology, and resources to solve society’s most urgent challenges through entrepreneurship.

Moonshot require complex partnerships with complementary skills to innovate and scale impact.

Therefore, we empower corporates and entrepreneurs to make moonshots happen together from scratch. All resulting in purpose driven businesses that significantly improve millions of lives.

Moonshot Stories

Our journey.

Aimforthemoon was founded in early 2013. At that time, looking at entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, we experienced that so often, energy and talent was wasted by doing things inefficiently.

Now we’ve grown into a startup studio connecting a community of like-minded, passionate and entrepreneurial people. Our startup founders, corporate innovators and execution partners know that to create is to collaborate.

Our ambition is to grow into a global moonshot movement and leave our mark by realising moonshots globally. We aim to operate as a company without borders and with deeply rooted values.

Our moonshot: in 2025 our businesses have positively impacted 100 million lives.

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A multi-disciplinary support team.

We empower corporates and entrepreneurs to get things done together. Our team comes with broad experience in corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

Niek Karsmakers


Joost van Schie


Saskia Schrijnen

Community Connector

Luc van Veen

Community & Events

Jessika van der Valk

Creative Kitchen

Sofie Lievens

Sprint Facilitator

Jesse van der Meulen


Pim Hogeweg


Max Hoefeijzers

Design Lead

Stephan van Meir

Team Coach

Louise van Hees

Team Coach

Leonard Bukenya


Nikky Hofland

Team Coach

Tarissa Boerrigter


Tjitte Joosten


Jan de Heij

Innovation Strategist

Mercedes de Miranda

Business & Operations

Willemijn van Selms

Super Connector

Bas Wenneker

Team Coach

Andy Zondervan


Gert-Jan de Jong

Innovation Strategist