It's time for
new beginnings

Tomorrow’s successful companies change the world today. They have courageous leaders that deal with the pressing issues and moral dilemmas of our time. They choose collaboration to maximize impact. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

As a corporate innovation studio we create impact through business with teams of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

What we do

We pursue impact.

Aimforthemoon takes the lead in the moonshots that change the world. We mobilize and unite powerful organizations, entrepreneurs and capital around impact. What we do?


We co-create new realities and courageous strategies.

Perfect World Principle

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We enable organizations to start and scale new beginnings.

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Okay! But how?

Our agenda 2020

United impact.
Starts here. Now!

Every day we aim to make a positive impact on the United Nations Social Development Goals (SDGs). In collaboration with, we take the lead accelerating them along with our partners and network. We call it United Impact.

How can I join?

How we work

and act now.

‘Not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. Because this mission will mobilize the best in all of us.’
John F. Kennedy

Moonshots ignite all the energy, courage, expertise and creativity you need to get there. Over the years we have built up the experience to know what it takes to guide your company on its journey towards a new reality.

Impact on a daily basis

As entrepreneurs we do whatever it takes to create impact. We start right away and become better at it every day.

The best there is.

We have grown a network of entrepreneurs, experts, creatives, visionaries and corporate heroes. For every partnership we match the right team of entrepreneurial pioneers with the needed skills and mindset.

Never a safe bet. Always a safe place.

We take our partners on a journey towards an uncertain future. There are no safe bets, but we always provide a safe place. See us as the compass and engine to get to where you want to go. Enjoy the ride.



Are you courageous and aiming for more?

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or challenge us

Try us and send your biggest business challenges. Our coaches and strategic partnership builders are always happy to share our collective brainpower.

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Help us to find and solve the most pressing issues in the world.

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