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We are Aimforthemoon

We are a community of ambitious entrepreneurs, challenging the way tomorrow's ventures are built.

We see two worlds, entrepreneurs and mature companies, both often struggling to realize new, scalable businesses. We believe this can be done smarter and faster. That is why we all join forces and, together, build tomorrow’s ventures from scratch.



Craving more impact


We, as young and ambitious entrepreneurs, know how to start a business. However, our experience has shown us our weaknesses. Lack of financial resources, track record, network and specialized know-how, can make it difficult to succeed let alone to scale. “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. Does this appeal to you?

Big companies


Longing for execution power


Existing, mature companies do not necessarily have the capacity or skills to compete with disruptive startups who are taking market share and radically changing traditional forms of engagement. We work with mature companies who recognize this urgency and are open to exploring new forms of external innovation: to create new startups to achieve strategic growth by combining the benefits of an entrepreneurial approach with the scalability of a mature company.

What we do

What we do

We hook up startup teams and mature companies, in order to co-create and realize new businesses from scratch. Our (core)strength lies in execution power, Zero to One ventures.
Creatability x Scalability = Impact

Journey to the moon

Our journey to the moon

Aimforthemoon was founded early 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Aimforthemoon has grown into a like-minded and passionate community of entrepreneurs, developers and designers who love to kick start and scale new things with others.

Our dream is to create a global community of entrepreneurs and innovative companies and stimulate and facilitate co-creation between those different worlds. We aim to operate across the globe as a company with no bosses and no borders, but with a deeply rooted culture.