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Starting is easier than ever, but scaling is harder than ever. 
We empower entrepreneurs to build and scale their next high-impact business

Build an impact-driven business from scratch with a corporate partner.

Join our community, find your co-founder, form a team, get access to a corporate partner, focus on execution, and make use of all our startup studio services to build a new business.

1. Find your co-founder.

Since 2013 we have focused on growing a community of experienced entrepreneurs who always focus on big, future dreams and get things done today. From our community we build teams of entrepreneurial pioneers to create new business from scratch.

2. Get empowered by the assets of corporates.

We are a different type of entrepreneurs. We always work together with a corporate partner to create a new business from scratch outside of their core business. This way we create things that scale. We have worked with 75+ corporates.

3. Tap into our community’s assets.

By leveraging our community’s shared knowledge, network and execution power we can engage in several innovations simultaneously. We work together with a broad range of partners to get thing done (technology, strategy, knowledge, marketing, media, legal, etc.).

4. Focus on building a business.

We want to facilitate our startup teams to focus on customer-driven execution and building a business. From corporate strategy, administration, stakeholder investment meetings, a co-working space with internet and lunches. We remove all the hassle for you to focus on building a scalable business.

Our latest business opportunities.

We're always looking for experienced entrepreneurs to work with. In general, we build teams of 2+ entrepreneurs with the long term goal to create new businesses from scratch together with one of our corporate partners. Check out the scopes and updates of our latest opportunities.

Who are we looking for?

Entrepreneurs and innovators with at least 5 years of experience in venture creation or new business development. Entrepreneurial pioneers with proven track record and ambition to create a scalable business. Pioneers with strong values driving our culture. Interested to explore with Aimforthemoon? Connect with us!